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Defensive Driver Training - The Cal State L.A. CSU defensive driver training module, is an online driver training program that is approximately one and a half hours long and includes the ability to stop and re-start your progress.

To get to the Defensive Driving Fundamentals program you must first have Acrobat Adobe and Jave Script on your computer.  If you do not have Acrobat Adobe and Java Script please contact your IT person responsible for your area to assist in downloading the software.

Once the program is in place, click on the link and log-in.  The log-in process will get you to the module launch page.  After launch, begin the program.

At the completion of the Defensive Driving Fundamentals course please do not forget to download, print and forward a copy of the certificate of completion documnet to the Risk Management Office, CYA (Corporate Yard Administration), Room 244.  You can find the certificate icon (which is a red ribbion) on the page that tracks 'My Progress'.  The copy authenticates your attendance and completion.

If you have not already completed an enrollment form you will also need to complete the attached (DDT) State Vehicle Driver Program Enrollment Form.  If you experience problems viewing this video, please contact your ITC or email Environmental Health and Safety.