How to Apply for On-Campus Positions

How to Apply for Student Assistant/Federal Work-Study positions

  1. Review Available Jobs - Job openings are listed online in Handshake (registration required). Once you login, go to "Jobs" on the top menu. Then, select "On-campus" and search available positions. If you have been awarded federal work-study, you can click "Filters" to select "Work Study" jobs. 

  2. Apply - First, download and complete the Student Employment Application. Then, in Handshake, click on "apply" in the job posting(s) that interest(s) you. Next, upload your completed application and any other required employment documents. For Federal Work-Study positions, you may be asked to attach a copy of your Financial Aid Award letter, which must be for the current school year. Then, click "Submit Application" and your application(s) will be electronically forward to the hiring department(s). (Please remember to write down the job title and department name for the position(s) to which you applied so that you can contact the employer directly.) 

  3. Application Status and Interview Invitation - After the department has received your application, it can take approximately two to three weeks for the hiring department to review applications and invite selected candiates for an interview. You can check the status of your application on Handshake by going to "Jobs" in the main top menu and selecting "Applications" in the blue top menu. If you are selected for an interview, the hiring department will contact you. If you do not hear from the department within two to three weeks of submitting your application, contact the department directly to check on the status.

  4. Selection - If you are offered a Student Assistant (non Work-Study) position, please schedule an appointment with the Student Employment Office by calling (323) 343-3293 to be processed. Appointments are recommended and encouraged; walk-ins are welcome based on availability.  Please bring the following documents to the appoinment:

    1. Employment Transaction Form (ETF) provided by the hiring department
    2. Social Security card
    3. I-9 acceptable documentation
    4. Current class schedule
    5. Previous semester's grades

If you are offered a Federal Work-Study position, please contact the Center for Student Financial Aid for processing.