Mind Matters


The goal of Mind Matters is to integrate inner well-being into the framework of University life as a means of supporting student success.

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President William A. Covino and First Lady, Dr. Debbie Covino, created the Mind Matters initiative to provide resources and programs to help students navigate the demands of academic excellence, family responsibilities, and jobs. The President and First Lady realize that without mental and physical well-being, there is no academic success.

The Mind Matters initiative comes at a time when college students nationwide are experiencing high levels of stress, including problems caused by sleep deprivation and anxiety about adjusting to university life.

To help ensure student success, additional counselors have been hired for the Student Health Center, doubling the number of counselors available to assist students. Space was renovated in the Health Center to accommodate the additional counseling, as well as workshops and activities that promote physical and mental well-being. 

The number of peer health educators on the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) has also expanded to approximately 50 students. These volunteers help educate students about health and wellness issues.

First Lady Debbie Covino Discusses Mind Matters