Our Team

Residence Life Coordinators

Headshot of Ashley Foskey
Ashley Foskey
Residence Life Coordinator

Ashley Foskey is a Television & Film major at Cal State LA in her fifth year. She loves talking about space and zodiac signs, particularly when she's having brunch. She strives to bring diversity and love everywhere she goes.

Headshot of Caitlin Ramirez
Caitlin Ramirez
Residence Life Coordinator

Caitlin is a fifth-year Public Health major who appreciates good jokes and Thai food. She aspires to create positive change and be a resource for those around her.

Resident Assistants

Headshot of Andrea Frausto-Zamora
Andrea Frausto-Zamora
Resident Assistant

Andrea is a third-year Marketing student from Santa Maria, CA, who loves to travel.

Headshot of Anhsa Le
Anhsa Le
Resident Assistant

Anhsa is from Irvine, CA, and is majoring in Business with a focus in Management. She loves playing basketball and frisbee, going to the beach, traveling and trying new foods.

Headshot of Anjena Mendias
Anjena Mendias
Resident Assistant

Anjena is a second-year Communication Disorders major from Glendale, CA. She enjoys hanging out with friends, going to new places and just having a good time. 

Headshot of Brandon Vazquez
Brandon Vazquez
Resident Assistant

Brandon is a fourth-year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Microbiology. He loves being a part of a growing community and enjoys playing instruments, especially the guitar, ukulele and bass.

Headshot of Briana Alvarez
Briana Alvarez
Resident Assistant

Briana is a senior majoring in Fashion Fiber and Materials. She enjoys playing with her dog Cleo, going to concerts, thrifting and watching anime.

Headshot of Brianna Vela
Brianna Vela
Resident Assistant

Brianna is from Coachella Valley, CA. She is working on getting into the nursing program at Cal State LA. Her hobbies include exploring L.A. for new food, photography, going to beach, hiking and shopping at Target with her friends. 

Headshot of Camiryn Terrell
Camiryn Terrell
Resident Assistant

Camiryn is from Georgia. She is a Natural Science major with a focus in Interdisciplinary Science. She has a love for music, '90s style clothing and sleeping. 

Headshot of Dani Crockett
Dani Crockett
Resident Assistant

Dani is a fourth-year Business Marketing major. She is originally from Oxnard. She loves the beach, animals and her friends.

Headshot of Donekqua Bandy
Donekqua Bandy
Resident Assistant

Donekqua is a fifth-year Urban Learning major from San Diego. She enjoys outdoor activities. 

Headshot of Donovan Leonard
Donovan Leonard
Resident Assistant

Donovan is a fourth-year student majoring in both Pan-African Studies and Communications for Social Change. He's an L.A. native who enjoys debating, movies, politics and changing the world one person at a time. 

Headshot of Elizabeth Mejia
Elizabeth Mejia
Resident Assistant

Elizabeth is from Salinas, CA, and is majoring in Exercise Science. This is her third year as a student and her second year as a Resident Assistant. She likes to visit national parks and she runs track and field. 

Headshot of Genesis Aguilar
Genesis Aguilar
Resident Assistant

Genesis is a second-year Child Development major from Glendale, CA. Her goal is to work in the medical field in pediatrics. She loves Disney and Jurassic Park movies, and enjoys spending free time with friends and family.

Headshot of Gerardo Gonzalez
Gerardo Gonzalez
Resident Assistant

Gerardo is a fourth-year Accounting major. He likes to skateboard and play with his three dogs.

Headshot of Isis Davis
Isis Davis
Resident Assistant

Isis is a fourth-year student double majoring in Pan-African Studies and Communications. She enjoys camping, swimming, reading, cooking and watching YouTube videos.

Headshot of Izzy Pinto
Izzy Pinto
Resident Assistant

Izzy is a second-year Liberal Studies major with a focus in Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Their hobbies include watching docuseries and crying.

Headshot of Jonathan Galarza
Jonathan Galarza
Resident Assistant

Jonathan is a third-year Business Administration major from Eagle Rock, CA. He enjoys watching movies and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Headshot of Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown
Resident Assistant

Joseph is a fourth-year student from Compton, CA. He is majoring in Pan-African Studies and minoring in Theater Arts. He is the co-president of the Black Student Union and enjoys dancing, poetry and creative writing.

Headshot of Josiah Collins
Josiah Collins
Resident Assistant

Josiah is a second-year Mechanical Engineering major who is originally from Brooklyn, New York. He loves music, playing the guitar and freeride longboarding.

Headshot of Kael Vasquez
Kael Vasquez
Resident Assistant

Kael is a third-year Criminal Justice major and is on Cal State LA's dance team Relevance. He is LGBTQ+ friendly and likes to draw and eat Kit-Kats. 

Headshot of Katie Ruvalcaba
Katie Ruvalcaba
Resident Assistant

Katie is a second-year Criminal Justice major. Her hobbies include volleyball, Jiu-Jitsu, traveling and going on new adventures.

Headshot of Khy-Lan Patton
Khy-Lan Patton
Resident Assistant

Khy-Lan is a third-year student majoring in Political Science with a focus in Pre-Law and minoring in Pan-African Studies and Real Estate. She is from Long Beach and loves playing The Sims 4. 

Headshot of McKenna Rivers
McKenna Rivers
Resident Assistant

McKenna is from Fullerton, CA. She is a second-year student in Nutritional Science with a focus in Community Nutrition. She is a major foodie who enjoys concerts, hiking and backpacking. 

Headshot of Myles Miller
Myles Miller
Resident Assistant

Myles is a second-year Film and Communications major. He's from Los Angeles, CA, and loves to sing, laugh and eat food. 

Headshot of Perla Alonzo
Perla Alonzo
Resident Assistant

Perla is a third-year student from McAllen, Texas. She is a Nursing student and enjoys singing and dancing.

Student Staff

Picture of Ceejay Garcia
Ceejay Garcia
Office Assistant

Ceejay likes any type of food and the beach.

Picture of Celine Dino
Celine Dino
Office Assistant

Celine is a fourth-year Child Development major. Her hobbies include being outdoors, swimming, hiking, doing anything active and beach days.

Picture of Christian Avendano
Christian Avendano
Marketing Assistant & Videographer

Christian is a senior majoring in Television, Film and Media. His hobbies include Taekwondo, dancing, playing video games, drawing and watching anime.

Picture of Dejaney McDonald
Dejaney McDonald
Office Assistant

Dejaney is a fourth-year Mass Communications major. She enjoys reading, writing and watching TV.

Picture of Diana Yoon
Diana Yoon
Office Assistant

Diana is a fourth-year student majoring in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting.

Headshot of Evelyn Toro
Evelyn Toro
Office Assistant

Evelyn is a fourth-year Business major from Lynwood who enjoys writing poetry.

Photo of Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar
Facilities Assistant

Jesus is a senior majoring in Kinesiology. He enjoys playing the guitar.

Picture of Julissa Amezquita
Julissa Amezquita
Office Assistant

Julissa is a fourth-year Spanish major who likes going to the rodeo on the weekends.

Picture of Kelly Tsoi
Kelly Tsoi
Marketing Assistant & Graphic Designer

Kelly is a Marketing major. Her hobbies include graphic design and bullet journaling. She likes Star Wars, Harry Potter and sleeping.

Picture of Ojene Basmadjian
Ojene Basmadjian
Marketing Assistant & Videographer

Ojene is a Communications major. She has a passion for media and entertainment because she's been exposed to and fascinated by them all her life.

Picture of Rudy Galindo
Rudy Galindo
Facilities Assistant

Rudy is originally from Ojai. He's a senior studying Mechanical Engineering and enjoys hiking, movies and the beach.

Professional Staff

Picture of Rebecca Palmer
Rebecca Palmer
Director of Housing and Residence Life

Rebecca likes taking her dogs to the dog beach on the weekend. Her passion is focusing on students' growth and creating socially-just environments where everyone can succeed.

Picture of Nadine Kelley
Nadine Kelley
Associate Director of Business Operations

Nadine enjoys traveling with great friends and family. She intends to experience the various cultures of the world through her travels.

Picture of Mark Facio
Mark Facio
Assistant Director of Facilities

Mark is a proud parent of two pups.

Picture of Betty Arias
Betty Arias
Resident Director

Betty has a B.A. in Communications. She enjoys doing arts and crafts and spending time with family.

Picture of Demontea Thompson
Demontea Thompson
Resident Director

Demontea is passionate about igniting conversations and collaboration across fields to solve problems students face. He enjoys performing slam poetry, writing and storytelling.

Headshot of Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia
Resident Director

Fernando is originally from Riverside, CA. He completed his undergraduate studies at UCSB and graduate work at SDSU. He enjoys traveling the world and experiencing other cultures with his wife. He is also an avid fan of live music and loves going to concerts to unwind.

Picture of Tait Brooks
Tait Brooks
Resident Director

Tait is a native of Texas, but has lived in six states. He believes that exposure leads to enlightment, and encourages all students to explore and become more educated through travel.

Picture of Rich Ramón
Rich Ramón
Assistant to Director

Rich enjoys exploring new food, traveling and camping with family. He also loves to paint and write fiction. 

Picture of Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz
Student Relations & Outreach Coordinator

Maria is a huge fan of pop culture and celebrities. She also loves to travel.

Tiffany Thomas
Summer Conferences Coordinator

Tiffany is your go-to person for all things related to Summer Conferences.

Kimberly Taylor
Assistant Assignments Coordinator

Ms. Kim is a huge fan of board games.

Monica Corona-Michel
Resource Coordinator

Monica is a first-generation Mexican American alumna of Cal State LA. She enjoys working with numbers and is currently pursuing her Master's in Public Administration at Cal State LA.

Anne Gonzalez-Vazquez
Assistant Resource Coordinator

Anne has been working in the Office of Housing and Residence Life for over 10 years.

Picture of Miguel Mota
Miguel Mota
Facilities Lead

Miguel believes that we are all people, so we should live up to good ethics and values.

Picture of Angel Birrueta
Angel Birrueta
Maintenance Mechanic

Angel enjoys playing paintball and restoring his 1967 Chevelle.

Picture of Fausto Esquivel
Fausto Esquivel
Maintenance Mechanic

Fausto enjoys the freedom and value of this great country.

Picture of Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez
Maintenance Mechanic

Johnathan is a well-rounded, skilled tradesman. He enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends in his spare time.

Picture of Keith Schwab
Keith Schwab
Facilities Maintenance Mechanic

Keith enjoys working on home-improvement projects and recently built a gazebo in his backyard.

Picture of David Vazquez
David Vazquez
Faclities Worker

David likes spending time with his family and dancing salsa. He also likes eating taquitos with guacamole and ceviche.