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Here are the latest announcements from Tuesday, June 20, 2017:


Money Matters

2017-2018 Payment Schedules Updated
The 2017-2018 Payment Schedule has been updated to include the program fee to match your housing charges on GET. Please make sure you keep track of the upcoming payment due dates.

Fall Payment - Save The Date: 7/10 
If you reserved a space for fall 2017, your first payment is due Monday, July 10. If you are on the waitlist, save your money and be prepared to make your payment upon being notified that you have been assigned a space. You will only have three days (72 hours) to make your payment.


Events & Opportunities

Stop by this event featuring vendors, music and entertainment for a jam-packed night of festivities for the whole family. (U-SU Plaza/Walkway)
Visit the Career Development Center to help you find your next job. They have different services available from handouts, persentations and upcoming workshops.


Please Dispose of Trash Properly
Please throw trash in trashbins and not on grass, grounds nor plants in the housing complex and parking lots.
Roof Work In Phase I
The roofs on the Eastside in Phase I will be under construction through July 1. There will be a hot asphalt kettle located in Phase I. Do not touch the kettle as it spews tar and emits intense heat. Do not cross the barricades.
Summer Parking Permits
Remember to purchase your summer residential parking permit at the Parking and Transportation Center for $110. Starting June 24, the price will drop to $74.
Community Safety Over The Summer
With fewer residents on campus, keep in the mind the following safety tips to prevent theft and keep yourself safe: 
  • Make sure the door to your apartment is locked at all times. 
  • Keep your windows and patio door closed and locked, especially if you are on the first floor, even when you are home.  
  • Don't let anyone into your apartment who you don't know. If a person comes over to visit a housemate, your housemate should be home to let them in. 
  • Keep your keys on you at all times. If you lose your keys, report it immediately to the Office of Housing and Residence Life in order to have the lock changed.
  • Be smart with your car. Always keep it locked. If you don’t drive it every day, check on it periodically and move it occasionally so it does not appear abandoned. 
  • Always walk with others. At night, when on campus, call the campus escort at 323-343-3700. 
  • Add emergency numbers to your cell phone: Campus Police (323) 343-3700 and the RA on Duty (323) 343-4807. Remember, 9-1-1 connects you to the Highway Patrol. Use this if you are away from campus. If you are on or near campus, use the number for Campus Police for faster response.
  • Put credit card company phone numbers in your cell phone. If your wallet is stolen, you’ll need the numbers to cancel your credit cards.
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