Importing and Migrating Courses

Note: Moodle courses from winter 2016 to fall 2018 have been restored to Canvas. They can be access through the All Courses link after clicking on the Courses global navigation icon. These courses have [RESTORE] as part of the course title and are located under the Past Enrollments section.

Migrating a Moodle Course to Canvas

Moodle course assignments and content transfers easily into Canvas. First prepare your Moodle course for migration. Complete the migration process by downloading and importing the Moodle course into Canvas. 

Importing a course to Canvas
The import content page in Canvas

How do I prepare my Moodle course for Migration?

How do I import my Moodle course content?

Importing Specific Content from a Canvas Course

Each instructor receives a Canvas sandbox in addition to a course shell for each of their classes. Use the sandbox as a temporary holding area for content imported from Moodle. Modify the imported Moodle content before importing pieces of the course into your other course shells. 

How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

Copying a Canvas Course

When teaching two or more sections of the same course, consider building your course in one course shell, then copying into other course shells. 

How do I copy a Canvas course into a new course shell?