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The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning promotes teaching as an area of practice and scholarship for all faculty, in fulfillment of professional growth and the larger university mission. By growing a culture of teaching teaching excellence, we improve the lives of a unique population of Cal State LA students.

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The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning promotes teaching as an area of practice. The CSU is based upon the teacher-scholar model. CETL consults with Cal State L.A. faculty who want to broaden their teaching and participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning. By growing a teaching culture on campus we hope to increase the quality of student learning.

CETL professional development opportunities include faculty learning communities (FLCs); professional development for chairs; Course Redesigns for departments; one-on-one coaching and technology support; and training workshops for instructional technologies, including the campus learning management system, Canvas. We encourage all faculty to email us at for questions about teaching practice and for questions about academic technology (Canvas, Zoom, etc.). 

The CETL Main Offices are located in Fine Arts 138. The CETL Annex is located at Library South, Room 3074.

Walk-in Support

Walk-in support for academic technology questions is available in the CETL Main Lab, Fine Arts 138 during our normal buisness hours, excluding holidays or during workshops and presentations. Walk-in help during workshops will be provided in the next available CETL space; signs will be posted during those times. The CETL main lab also has open access computers for faculty to use for support with academic technology needs or for short working times. 

We please ask no food or drinks in the CETL lab. 


CETL provides faculty at all stages in their careers with a range of professional development services supporting teaching and scholarship.

Faculty interested in feedback are encouraged to arrange a consultation. Services may include, but are not limited to:

Consultations are confidential and voluntary. Email Director Catherine Haras at to schedule a consultation.

Are you a new Lecturer for the University? 

Welcome to Cal State LA! We're excited for you to get started with us. The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides pedagogical and instructional technology training for all faculty at the university. In order to better support you, we’ve created a short checklist for you to make sure you are set to start with us at the University. We also have an optional short survey for us to get to know more about you. 

Help us get to know you: Survey for new Lecturers

Explore our recommended checklist for getting started with Cal State LA. 

CETL Staff

Catherine (Cat) Haras
Senior Director of the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning 
(323) 343 - 5607;

Beverly Bondad-Brown
Director of Academic Technology
(323) 343 - 5444;

Flavio Argueta
Lab Manager/Technology Support Specialist
(323) 343 - 6593;

Jeff Suarez-Grant
Senior Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6597;

Owynn Lancaster
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6595;

Naat Jairam
Instructional Designer
(323) 343 - 6599;

Henry Acevedo
LMS Specialist
(323) 343 - 6598;

Sakib Ibne Shahriar
Student Technology Assistant
(323) 343 - 6594

Natalie Deo
Student Technology Assistant
(323) 343 - 6594

Angelica Vandekerkhoff
Student Assistant
(323) 343 - 6594