Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy offers a BA in Philosophy that engages students in thinking about fundamental questions of life. Studies include ethics, political and social thought, logic, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of art and film, philosophy of law, philosophy of religions, metaphysics, feminist philosophy, philosophy and race, biomedical ethics, existentialism, postmodern thought, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of mathematics.
The MA in Philosophy offers students a broad background in both the history of philosophy and contemporary thought. APPLY BY MAY 15, 2020 TO JOIN OUR MA PROGRAM NEXT FALL!

why study philosophy?


it's transformative

Philosophers - literally "lovers of wisdom" - develop the general skill set for living excellent lives.


it prepares you well

Majoring in philosophy will prepare you for advanced degrees, including graduate programs and law school.


it pays

According to, philosophy majors earn an average of $87,900/year by mid-career.


Lecture or Debate Series Highlight

Angela Davis

Department of Philosophy Visiting Speakers and Colloquia

All talks are free and open to the public. Upcoming:  Angela Davis (April 22)