Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

What is ADT?

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (SB 1440 – Padilla) signed into legislation on September 29, 2010. This enables the California Community Colleges and California State University to collaborate on the creation of Associate of Arts Degree (AA) program for transfer.

A California Community College student who has earned the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) will be granted priority admission to the CSU into a similar baccalaureate (BA) degree program with a guarantee of junior standing as long as the student meets all prescribed admission requirements. 

Once admitted, the student will only be required to complete 60 additional prescribed semester units to qualify for the similar baccalaureate degree.

For more information about the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), students may contact their local community college transfer center, or visit: 


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ADT Priority Admission Consideration

Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) applicants are guaranteed priority admission over all other transfer students when applying to a local or non impacted campus or priority admission consideration to an impacted campus when applying to a CSU baccalaureate (BA) degree program that has been deemed similar to the student’s community college area of emphasis.

(NOTE: SB 1440 does not guarantee a student admission for a specified major or campus, but requires the California State University to grant a student priority admission consideration to the local CSU campus and to a program or major that is similar to the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) as determined by the California State University.)

ADT Verification

To be eligible for the admission priority consideration, California Community College Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) applicants must submit verification that they have or are finishing the remaining requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) by the stated admission term’s Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) completion deadline.

For this verification to be accomplished, the California Community Colleges have established a priority schedule for Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) eligible students. 

  • Students are asked to submit their “petition to graduate”Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) at the community college they are attending.
  • The community college will confirm applicant eligiblity for the ADT directly with the CSU via an online e-Verify portal.
  • Transfer applicants may also send a copy of the evaluation form to the Cal State LA Office of Admissions and Recruitment by the stated admission term’s ADT verification deadline.
  • A final transcript showing completion of the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) must be submitted to the Cal State LA Office of Admissions and Recruitment by the stated admission term’s final official transcript deadline.

Cal State LA Similar Baccalaureate (BA) Degree Programs

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